A humanitarian center operates in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Cathedral in Ternopil

At the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ternopil, the humanitarian center is actively operating to help refugees and all those in need.

According to the coordinator of the humanitarian center, Fr. Roman Demush, from the first day of the war, at the archcathedral, a center opened up for the reception of food, warm clothes and all the necessary things for the internally displaced persons and our soldiers. “We understand that in addition to military aggression, there may be another crisis – a humanitarian crisis,” says Fr. Roman Demush, who works tirelessly to support a strong home front in Ternopil.

“These days we are receiving significant help from our friends from abroad. We have already sent several trucks to Mykolayiv, Bashtansky district, Kharkiv and Kyiv region. All in order to help those people,” said the priest.

Zhyve TV broadcasted a video about the activities of the center: