Video-message of His Beatitude Sviatoslav. March 8, 2022


Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Today is 8 March 2022 and Ukraine is experiencing the thirteenth day of this horrible war. That which is taking place on the territory of our homeland is being called the “Miracle on the Dnipro [River]” by some historians.

Something similar took place almost 100 years ago on the Vistula [River], when the Polish army stopped the invasion of the Red Horde, and stood up for independence, the right for the existence of the revived Polish State.

Today, that Miracle on the Dnipro is being forged by our Ukrainian army, stopping this latest invasion of our northern neighbour, who set foot onto our land carrying destruction, carrying death, attempting to destroy the freedom-loving Ukrainian people.

But by the power of love, love for the homeland, by the power of the unity of the Ukrainian people—we amazed the world.

We are creating a miracle of a people who demonstrate their love of freedom to the whole world and amazes the whole world.

Today we are standing in prayer in a particular way, praying for our Ukrainian army. For those who today are defending peace in Ukraine. For those who today are defending our peaceful population, which is suffering the most from this Russian aggression.

Today in Ukraine, Pope Francis’ special envoy will be arriving in Lviv, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, and in this way the Apostolic See begins a particular humanitarian mission in Ukraine.

We would like to welcome our guest worthily and to help him truly see the wounds of Ukraine, just as the Holy Father asks him to help him touch the wounds of Christ in the body of the Ukrainian people wounded by war.

We would like to be with him where it is most difficult today.

Today Ukraine is once more in a situation where millions of people are on the move, when our women and children are forced to leave their homes.

And the Church is and shall be with its people. She will be where it is most difficult. She will be where our presence is most needed, in order to embrace these people, to serve them, to ease their suffering from this war.

I would like to thank very much today all those who express and show love and support towards our people.

Today I would like to thank particularly the Catholics of Moldova. Especially Bishop Anton Coşa, the bishop of Chişinău, who personally organized the support and reception of our emigrants, our refugees, who today find themselves in the lands of Moldova.

Thank you very much, your Excellency!

Thank you to all those who today open their embrace before the victims of Russian aggression.

I call upon all today: Pray for Ukraine!

I appeal to the world community: Do everything possible to stop this madness!

For before our eyes today, they are crucifying Ukraine.

There has not been a night when bombs do not fall on the heads of peaceful inhabitants.

Let us stop the war together! Let us together be instruments, tools for God’s peace in our time!

O God, save Ukraine! O God, save your children! O God, support, grant victory to our army! O God, bless Ukraine!

May the blessing of the Lord be upon you through His grace and love for humankind, always, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Glory to Jesus Christ!