A bulletproof vest over his priest’s vestments: Praying with the people of Kyiv

Divine Liturgy under bullets

Father Andriy Bodnaruk, a priest who serves in a Ukrainian Catholic church in the Poznyaky district of Kyiv and is press secretary of the Kyiv Archeparchy of the UGCC, visits checkpoints and homes of those who have not left the capital, serves the Divine Liturgy in shelters, and organizes events for children to distract them from the horrors of war.

Real value that has been ignored

Now is a special time to appreciate the value of simple things. According to Father Andriy, war is a time for reconciliation, harmony, and the sharing of love. It is only later that we will see how exactly it has changed the world generally and the heart of every person specifically.

Father Andriy admits that he is also afraid that all his emotions have sharpened during the war, but he is grateful for them because heightened emotions help to save lives, while silence and prayer help to find answers to the most difficult questions.

Source: Synod UGCC